DRACS works with leading companies in a wide range of industries to provide excellence in world-class IT staffing solutions and services. Our specialized industry focus allows us to understand the issues and challenges within your competitive space, and gives us the ability to adapt to and meet your needs with solutions that will take your organization to the next level past your competitors.

Going green with your I.T. department can deliver both environmental and financial savings. DRACS employs a team of experts in this field and provides custom solutions for each of our clients through BladeCenter technology, Virtualization and Optimization of Data Centers and more efficient Data Storage techniques. DRACS also has the ability to free up your I.T. budget through our I.T. Liquidation and Equipment Return Programs. We are value added resellers and strategic business partners with IBM, VMware, Oracle and Force10 Networks.

Green IT Infastructure Net Environmental Impact
The net environmental impact of these small changes over 10 years is astounding:


Quick Facts
I.T. accounts for 2% of total CO2 emissions
Energy efficient office equipment can cut costs
VOIP reduces cabling infrastructure
MFP’s reduce redundant equipment
Green I.T. Benefits
Reduced Energy Costs
More efficient equipment operation
Streamlined I.T. Processes
Increased Collaboration
More efficient interaction with supplies and customers to reduce carbon footprint
Reduce emissions from unnecessary travel
Greater Corporate Citizenship
First Order
Paper Use
Environmental Control Systems
That Copier You Own is Not Free
Energy Cost

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